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At some horse camps, participation in horse shows and competitions are common.

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Atlanta Riding Academy also participates in other horse related activities such as: Please note: Lessons tend to book two to three months in advance.

If you are interested in scheduling, please send an email to [email protected]

East Cobb Stables is an equine board facility very close to your home.

We strive to keep high standards and provide excellent care for your privately owned horse.

This four week, unmounted class covers safety, general care, equipment and tack, breeds and confirmation and types of competitions and where to go to in Atlanta to see the action live.

There is a class for children ages 11 and under and a class for teens and adults.

Be sure to include your contact information and a summary of prior experience.

Unmounted Intro to Horsemanship Class Introduction to horsemanship for individuals who want to learn about horses, horse behavior and horses as athletes.

We believe that great joy can be found in nature and each other. Think of your favorite camp food, upgraded for your adult palate- healthy and delicious comfort food.

We’ll have a marked outdoor area for people who need to smoke. No technology outside of the (different) designated area.

Atlanta Riding Academy offers quality hunt seat riding lessons.

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