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The easiest way to see which shops have Black Friday sales online is to visit your local version of our site.We’ve got lists of all the top brands participating this year around the world as well as information on which stores have free shipping, when Black Friday sales start, and how long the deals are likely to be available.Second, shopping online lets you easily purchase from multiple stores in a matter of minutes, all without leaving your couch.

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One of the most interesting things our research has revealed is that on the big day, we see a full variety of products on deep sale, including top-of-the-line products from leading brands, which we don’t often see discounted at other times during the year.

Cyber Monday is a follow-up event three days later that is focused entirely on online shopping.

While some brick-and-mortar stores will open their doors right at midnight on Black Friday, others will wait for a more traditional opening hour.

Online, deals will generally go live at midnight and some retailers will refresh them periodically throughout the day.

The beloved American holiday has officially gone global.

Now people from all across the world can get in on one of the biggest and oldest shopping events–all without even having to step foot in the US.

Some stores will even start their sales on Thanksgiving, so it’s crucial to check in during the days leading up to it.

While the day itself may technically be limited to twenty-four hours, its spirit has caught on like wildfire and the entire weekend has morphed into a shopaholic’s dream with sales continuing on Saturday, Sunday, and even Monday.

With deals occasionally reaching up to 80% off, Black Friday certainly draws a lot of attention from shoppers worldwide.

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