Client computer not updating group policy

See Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows and Windows Server for a spreadsheet containing all GPO settings in Windows.The spreadsheet can be filtered to only show the newest settings.

client computer not updating group policy-48

Usually the story goes something like, “We needed to change the screensaver timeout period to kick in after 5 minutes for the HR department.

So I edited the Group Policy and under User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, Personalization, I set the ‘Screen saver timeout’ to 600 seconds.

Background refresh can also be disabled, but this is also rarely done in an organization that actively uses Group Policy for configuration management.

That means the changed screen saver timeout setting, like all other Group Policy changes, will apply to all target computers within 2 hours without any further action.

Windows will automatically retry this operation at the next refresh cycle.

Computers joined to the domain must have proper name resolution and network connectivity to a domain controller for discovery of new Group Policy objects and settings.

Most of the content I teach is focused on enterprise environments – that is, generally, more than 5,000 systems.

At that scale centralized IT management is a requirement, not an option.

Earlier in the week I had to manually recreate the _msdcs domain which had been deleted (or potentially never existed) to get domain joins working properly, its very possible that this issue is a hangover from that or that other serious flaws exist in this domain, I'm just having trouble figuring out what they might be or how to fix them.

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