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She’s allowed to make a mistake or to change her mind. YEM: And on the show, Kat is going through similar issues that Adena is going through. They have a lot of similarities in their personalities. YEM: When you first read the script, what was your reaction to Adena’s character? She was definitely an interesting character on page, but I think what was even more interesting for me was that when I came in to audition, Sarah [Watson, executive producer] and everyone there really were so open to hearing my thoughts and my takes.

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NB: Well I don’t think anyone is perfect at all, I’m certainly not.

I always try to approach any character from a place of non-judgement.

I don’t think I’ve seen a character like this, that deals with these kinds of things, on network television before at least.

I think when I approached the character at the beginning, I didn’t realize how rare it was.

So it’s been really nice for me to see so much positive feedback.

YEM: How do you play the parts of Adena that are flawed?

the second season of Netflix’s breakout sci-fi hit.

But the past still lingers as well: “Season 2 is really about the trauma these characters experienced in the events of the first season,” said Matt Duffer, who co-created and executive produced the series with his twin brother, Ross Duffer, at the show’s lavish premiere in Los Angeles Thursday night.“It’s about them trying to hide from it and not confront it, but they have to deal with that pain in order to overcome the horror.

What is it like to play a character like her on television? To play such a complex character that is complicated and not perfect but is strong and empowered.

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