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In addition to its fishing and shipping activities, it also became an important centre for agricultural exports.

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Lona said: 'We have not said hello to him [Leonardo] but we hope that he behaves towards her.

Otherwise he will get me to deal with.'I can tell you that it is six years since they first met, and now the relationship apparently developed.'Meanwhile Nina, recently admitted she was 'so scared' about having to speak English when she moved to Miami, Florida, from her hometown of Hillerød, Denmark.

which had previously been Denmark's most important North Sea port but came under German control after the Second Schleswig War in 1864.

At the time, Esbjerg consisted of only a few farms.

By road, it is 71 kilometres (44 mi) west of Kolding and 164 kilometres (102 mi) southwest of Aarhus.

With an urban population of 71,618 (as of 1 January 2016 it is the fifth-largest city in Denmark, and the largest in west Jutland.Wilkens in 1870 with streets laid out in the form of a rectangular grid.The market square (Torvet) was positioned at the centre, midway between the harbour and the railway station.Developed under royal decree from 1868 until 1874, the harbour was officially opened in 1874, with rail connections to Varde and to Fredericia, an important hub on the east coast of Jutland.Initial planning of the town was conducted by chartered surveyor H.In 1893, Esbjerg became a municipality in its own right (initially known as Esbjerg Ladeplads), receiving the status and privileges of a market town in 1899 and incorporating the parish of Jerne (east of the centre) in 1945.

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