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Now when you have someone, to do that, you got to set the level of privileges as well for it, which you accomplish by the below levels.Now when you assign some delegate as an Editor, you are giving him/her, the privileges of creating meeting requests, sending meeting requests, editing and deleting meeting requests as well.

NModbus contains many samples included in the source code. Create Rtu(port); byte slave Id = 1; ushort start Address = 1; ushort num Registers = 5; // read five registers ushort[] registers = master.

Once you open it, you can go to My Sample project that contains many examples on how to read and write using different devices. Read Holding Registers(slave Id, start Address, num Registers); for (int i = 0; i Depending on the registers that you are going to read and write you have different methods, that will call different functions of the protocol, and that will return the results in 2 formats: ushort or bool (if you are reading multiple registers you will get array of ushorts and bools).

The new NModbus4 library on Git Hub, but to compile it you need Visual Studio 2015, due to some C# 6 features used.

You can also download from Nu Get by searching for NModbus4.

To begin with, Microsoft Outlook gives you incredible capabilities, and one of these is your delegate access. To make it easy, it’s like having someone to create and manage your meetings, on your behalf.

This person, who does it, is called as a delegate, meaning, you are delegating your tasks.Free Serial Port Monitor is a serial port sniffer that can analyze the transmission between 2 COM Ports.While NModbus is the best choice, another Modbus TCP library is available at This library provides a client with some interesting features and it’s also useful for debugging the devices.Those are for older models like E3372s and won't work with E3372h. Your E3372h is now in stick mode, presents itself as NCM device that's compatible with Windows Mobile Broadband feature and also with huawei_cdc_ncm under Linux. This means to connect Internet use built in features of your operating system, stay away from "Mobile Partner" etc. :) If you don't root it someone else probably will given Huawei track record on security... Downside on these cheap ones is broken locking tabs on top cover.There's excellent writeup and step-by-step instructions in English from Ivan. This is because they're LMT branded and were superglued shut with LMT SIM card inside.The old library on google code has bugs (check comments for more informations), please consider using either the new NModbus4 library, or you can download the old code from this repository:

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