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cost of the bangle is dependant on the daily markets’ pure gold spot price, the mint’s fabrication charges for producing the pure metal wires in the correct wire gauge and the cost of labor. For rush orders we add an additional charge based on the next day shipping rates, etc.

The bangle and its combinations of metals as fixed by the Rishis, emanate electrical rays unseen by human eyes which counteract all planetary vibrations.

Just as a lightning rod is affixed to a house to absorb the falling thunder and lightning, so the bangle is a lightning rod to absorb the ferocity of bad planetary rays falling on the body.

When disease attacks the body, or accidents are attracted by bad karma, or business troubles occur due to a weak body or disturbed nerves hence disturbed mind, the bangle will lessen the force of a physical or mental attack of karma.

Besides, I heard Master say many times that Satan creates in the mind of the bangle wearer the impulse to take the bangle off so he could uninterruptedly punish him through the instrument of bad karma of past lives.

A printable invoice will be provided by email for your purchase at the time of shipment.

To read what Paramahansa Yogananda wrote concerning the three-metal astrological bangle please go to: would like to add that, at this time in history with the increase in understanding about Ayurveda, this bangle is very much a health tool for balancing the electrical body which is a primary concern in Ayurveda as well.

He was cured of paralysis and some kind of fits./ The bangle will also modify and lessen any wrong influences of business.

Sometimes, to take the bangle off when one needs to - even in that moment, is dangerous.

You can pay for the bangle via credit or debit card.

However we will need other personal information to avoid fraud, which will involve talking to the client on the phone. We add standard California sales tax of 8% to California residents. However please do not miss the opportunity to get a free 16 page vedic horoscope with planetary gemstone recommendations here.

I remember definitely instances of cases where a person could not wear the bangle as the arm rotted under it.

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