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However, the Yagodinska Cave performs marriage ceremonies only.

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Still, as my mom said, the book contained timeless housewife wisdom.

By her third night in Bulgaria, Oriana had already discovered that almost every meal, be it drinks, soups, salads, or main dishes, had cheese and/or yogurt and/or tomatoes.

A day before that, March 2, the Bulgarian Embassy in London invited all Bulgarian expatriates and their friends to a concert in Regent Hall on Oxford Street.

Luckily, this coincided with my parents’ arrival in London!

The region is rich in caves and other notable natural formations.

We explored the Yagodinska Peshtera (Strawbery Cave), arguably the most beautiful cave in the country.

On the last day of the trip, she actually confessed that before visiting me, she had hated tomatoes with passion but since trying her very first Shopska salad, she had been devouring our tomatoes with great appetite.

Here, she also tried for the first time rabbit stew, grilled octopus, cow’s tongue in butter, and pork (the last one, by mistake, oops!

We spent the evening in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria.

We walked around the old town, the modern shopping streets, and the ruins of an ancient Roman amphitheatre.

Her only difficulty were the differences between lowercase and uppercase and the variety of misguiding fonts. The festival in the village of Gela was in fact on a wide clearing among the hills above Gela.

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