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I have masturbated since I was about 12, and my penis has bent to the right. Sometimes I notice guys in movies with small penises that look like they havn't fully grown, like one half is dark, the other is still light like my penis. (age 15) I hope you won't judge normal guys based on those you see in "movies." Masturbating doesn't cause defects like that. I think it's great that someone finally puts together vital information youngs guys need and want! (age 20) You should use as little force as necessary to get the job done. My penis feels different as if I'm holding it too tight. How tight should you hold your penis when masturbating? The penis and scrotum contract in cold to keep the testicles warm. Does masturbation make your penis smaller or affect the growth of your penis? By underside, I mean the part starting at the split in the head and going down toward the scrotum.

I masturbate regularly (twice a day)I noticed that you suggest guys use a loose grip. (age 22) It's normal for it to feel different when trying something new. Is it true that the more you use it the smaller it gets? The underside is not a sensitive zone for every guy, but it is not normal to describe it as "numb." This might be something to ask a doctor about.

I masturbate once every 2 to 3 days with an occasional 2 times in one day about once every month. If you're embarassed to buy it, a lot of guys use ordinary hand lotion as a lube. I want to know how many 12 year olds would masturbate out of 100 and I would like to know the average size of a 12 year old penis. Given a choice, I think you'd want to be uncircumcised, but there's nothing you can do about it now. A couple of people in my prone support group used it while masturbating to get cured. (age 21) Your question isn't as silly as it sounds. Why is my penis length average but the circumference is small? Bodies are of three types: endomorphs (heavy), ectomorphs (thin), and mesomorphs (muscular).

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I doubt those pills work, but Viagra definitely increases the blood flow to the penis and that makes it bigger, at least temporarily. You might start by calling a nurse line and describing them. Also, I don't think using a sock is the best way to masturbate. If there is a light bit of pressure applied, some white stuff comes out. (age 13) The head is usually very sensitive after an orgasm, but it shouldn't hurt.

I'm 14 and I've been masturbating for about a a year now and when I masturbate, I put an old sock over my penis (I have used this sock over a hundred times). I doubt the bumps have anything to do with masturbating. I try to encourage guys to use their hands exclusively. Hi, I am circumcised and my head is extra sensitive. If it actually hurts (i.e., is sore even when you don't touch it), then you're stroking too hard.

Some guys start using lube just to avoid those kinds of injuries. Does regular masturbation affect the size of your penis?

(age 20) Masturbation has no long-term effect on fertility.

The fatty pad (called the mons pubis) will get smaller as part of overall fat reduction. More developed abs will tend to make the whole stomach/abdomen look leaner.

And of course, masturbation has nothing to do with it.The fatty area is likely to get bigger rather than smaller as you get older.I don't know much about weight loss, but my understanding is that you can't spot-reduce fat.(age 18) Not all circumcised guys use lube, and not all uncircumcised guys go without it. Some do it for religious reasons (like Jews and Muslims). It seems to work, because surveys shows that uncircumcised guys masturbate more often. You might try switching hands and see if it gets more symmetrical. Please name some because I read on your site that it's hard for the body to produce semen without protein. Is there a cream or drug I can use to restore sensitivity to this area of my penis???If I had a son, I'd wait until he's 16 or so and let him decide if he wants part of his penis cut off and thrown away. I've gone through abstention period and am on on the road to recovery. What causes this and what can I do to stop it or heal it? I was outside and it was cold I came in the house and my penis was little. (age 13) The body can't do anything without protein. The protein that should already be in your diet (meat, dairy products, certain beans) is adequate for the production of semen and other vital fluids. I am 13 and have problems masturbating as my penis is quite small. I'm sure your penis will grow, but even guys on the small side find ways to masturbate that satisfy them. Or does stopping masturbating for a while, like a week or two help this?? Let's make sure we agree about what the underside is.It might be worth it to stop masturbating for a week to see if it makes any difference. I have been masturbating for a few years now and I am 14, close to 15.

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