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A list of commonly-viewed Balance fields also appears at the top of the page under the account dropdown box.

The Balance fields displayed (when applicable) are Account Net Worth, Cash Avail to Purchase, Unsettled Cash – Credit/Debit (if you have deposits or withdrawals pending), Margin Buying Power (if you have a margin account), and Day Trade Buying Power (if you have a Day Trade Account).

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You can enroll to receive statements and confirmations either by U. Click Electronic/Paper Mail Delivery Options on the Confirmation page to change the way you receive statements or confirmations.

The settlement date is the date by which an executed order must be paid, either by cash contribution or delivery of securities.

The buy portion of the order is submitted when the sell order completes.

When you submit an order online, you always see a Verification page.

Fidelity mutual fund exchanges settle the same day.

For cross family trades, generally, the settlement date of the sell portion of the order is one day after the trade date.The Balances tab on the Trade Mutual Funds page displays the same fields displayed on the Balances page.During market hours, balances are displayed in real-time.The settlement date of the buy portion of the order is generally one business day after the settlement date of the sell portion of the order.Fidelity may be able to convert the method it uses to track cost basis information reported to you for mutual fund positions from the average cost single category method to the specific shares method.When you click Place Order on the Verification page, you are agreeing that the order information is correct, and you are authorizing Fidelity to execute the order on your behalf.

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