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Her arms flail, she moans and gasps and cries, her body twitches and jerks. While all this is going on, Donna strips naked herself and bends over in front of Cecilia and forces Cecilia to lick her pussy and ass while Donna uses the Magic Wand to bring herself to orgasm.

So if performing electro-torture on a helplessly bound victim who is being forced to pleasure you to orgasm sounds like fun, this should provide you some vicarious thrill. There is more flogging and vibratory goodness that leaves Cecilia quivering and in tears. In the next scene, which is THE stand-out scene for me, Cecilia is on her elbows and knees.

This is pretty standard Wired Pussy stuff, which is great if you like it but not as great if you're waiting for extreme punishment.

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She is flogged all over, and the shoe comes out of her mouth so she can cry out loudly.

Between the electrical pads on her feet and the flogging, Cecilia is making a lot of noise. Cecilia is on her knees, with her arms pulled out to her sides and up and fastened into metal shackles, which are attached to chains from the ceiling.

There is a metal collar around her neck, with one chain running down to the floor in front of her so she can't lift her head any higher, and another chain extending up to the ceiling, so she can't lower her head.

Her ankles are also shackled and chained to the wall behind her.

So no, she doesn't know what it means...which is why she rings the bell, to find out :) Perhaps GIMP to a blonde babe could mean "Gosh I'm Pretty!

," or "Guys In My Pocket" or "GIMP...that's so gay! muscled femme) and linked to a clip of her Wired Pussy shoot.

This is one of the most intense Wired Pussy shoots I have seen in a very long time.

Although it is clearly a consensual scene, without even the pretense of a role-playing scenario, I would give this an .

Cecilia Vega demonstrates an extremely high pain tolerance.

She shed tears at several points and her physical reactions to the things being done to her were incredible.

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