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It was the right time, and now I want to move into whatever the next chapter will be.

For me, it’s about meeting the challenge of doing this incredibly intricate and challenging and exhilarating play eight times a week. It’s altered me in terms of what I thought I was capable of vocally and physically; I’ve had to change my diet and my exercise patterns. Every play I’ve ever done has cost me something emotionally or psychologically or, in this case, physically.

But it’s not a negative cost, and it gives you something in return.

These plays become part of you for the time that you’re doing them, and I love that.

Was it a difficult transition to give up Monk after eight seasons?

Even sweeter is having that moment with one of our children in the audience—seeing the two of us up there in what is essentially a clown show, having this joyous time together. But it definitely laid the groundwork for a year or so later when we reconnected in Los Angeles.

I hope they hold that memory for a long, long time. Brooke was already a mom when you started dating, right?

Stanley and I had a conversation about how to make it work for Brooke and me to relocate [from Los Angeles], and it seemed like a perfect opportunity for both of us.

Of course, we had to talk Brooke into doing the part.

I say that now, but talk to me in three or four months and I might be crawling on my knees!

[Laughs.] Maybe we’ll see you onstage with your daughter! People say, “Don’t you worry about her going into the business?

No, because I knew for two years that it was going to end then, so I was ready.

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