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Using modern methods of the agriculture and agronomic practices, villagers of the Chinawal village have achieved a high growth rate of agriculture produce especially of bananas which is noted by the Government of Maharashtra and various other institutions.

Chinawal is also known for its educational facilities.

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Paderu and the surrounding Agency mandals have been seeing heavy tourist influx in the last few years.

And nearby Lambasingi, which acquired the sobriquet of “Andhra Kashmir” by registering minus degree temperatures in peak winter season, is also drawing tourists. Sirisha, tourist information officer, said, “I don’t know why nobody explored this tiny hamlet near Paderu before, which even has mobile connectivity.

The hamlet registers moderate temperatures in scorching summer months, boasts a tranquil environment and verdant surroundings.

Plans are also afoot for a butterfly park near the resorts.

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The densely populated village is surrounded by the flat land and nutrient-rich black soil.

The flora and fauna of Chinawal have been impacted by the human habitation and cultivation of the land, but non-human life like neem trees, tree squirrels and graculas can still be found in and around the village.

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Chinawal is a village in the Jalgaon district of Maharashtra state, India.

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